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Kevin Andrew Heslop (b. 1992) is the author of "among the most promising poetic projects to come out of Canada in recent years,an internationally award-winning filmmaker, curator, art critic, author, and journalist whose works have appeared with dozens of literary presses, journals, magazines, art galleries, and film festivals around the world. His most current work includes a collaborative poetry chapbook (2024), a collaborative vibrotactile art exhibition (2025), four books of non-fiction (2025, 2027, 2028), and a swatch of short films (2023), as well as regular dialogues via The Miramichi Reader and Parrot Art

Winner of the 2022 Toronto Short Film Festival

Prend une perspective comportementale sur l’expérience vécue de la violence conjugale.

Heslop founded Astoria Pictures in 2022 to develop film and theatre projects for which he can serve as writer, director, and/or producer. He has since graduated from multiple business programs and distributed dozens of internationally award-winning films via the company's digital platform. He also curates an array of outstanding Canadian IP for adaptation to the stage and screen.


from six feet | between us (original installation, McIntosh Gallery, 2022; depicted installation, Heaven Scent, 2022)

Second Printing Rear Cover of Debut_edit

Heslop's best-selling & critically-acclaimed poetry collections, there is no minor violence the correct fury of your why is a mountain

Heslop is the grateful recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and London Arts Council and of awards from the Berlin Shorts Awards, the League of Canadian Poets, the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Milan Gold Awards, the Paris Play International Film Festival, Poetry London, the Toronto Short Film Festival, and the Vancouver International Movie Awards. To connect or collaborate, say hi.

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