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kevin andrew heslop

is a wandering polyvalence whose debut poetry collection, the correct fury of your why is a mountain, appeared in 2021. In 2022, he mounted his curatorial debut and founded an independent film company; and in 2023, he mounted his second art exhibition and released his directorial debut. 

He wrote there is no minor violence just as there is no negligible cough during an aria (Frog Hollow Press, 2019); Human Beings Have Met to Suture the Wounds the Railroads Have Made Across This Country (Anstruther Press, 2020), six feet | between us (also curator, McIntosh Gallery, 2021), the correct fury of your why is a mountain (Gordon Hill Press, 2021), in medias res (also curator, Westland Gallery, 2023), the rules of grammar will not save you at the hour of your death (Baseline Press with Roxanna Bennett, 2024), you are not required to complete the task; neither are you free to desist from it (Rose Garden Press, 2024), and Unspeakable: Conversations about Medical Assistance in Dying (Gordon Hill Press, 2025);

He directed and produced Things She Wants, He who senses the world's shift, Ripley's Aquarium, Small deaths, White, Bone Music, Without You, If I Wrote a Poem About My Father, Torso 3, Magpie, Sea Song, To the Bridge, and Let us for a moment call this pain by other words (Astoria Pictures, 2023).

Supported in part by the London Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts, Kevin is currently Resident Interviewer with The Miramichi ReaderManaging Editor with Centred MagazineDirector with Changing WaysProduct Ambassador with Green Field Paper Company, a producer representing titles from two major, award-winning, independent Canadian presses, Gordon Hill Press and Palimpsest Press, towards adaptation to the screen and other media, and the Founding Director of Astoria Pictures, an independent film company established in 2022 to develop projects for which Kevin will serve as writer, producer, actor, and/or director.

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