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kevin andrew heslop

(b. 1992) is the author of contiguous (The Blasted Tree), there is no minor violence just as there is no negligible cough during an aria (Frog Hollow Press), Human Beings Have Met to Suture the Wounds the Railroads Have Made Across This Country (Anstruther Press), and the correct fury of your why is a mountain (Gordon Hill Press). 

    Heslop's work in film has garnered international critical acclaim, with prizes in-category awarded in 2022 by the Los Angeles International Film Festival, the Vancouver Independent Film Festival, the Latitude Film Awards, the Milan Gold Awards, the Experimental, Dance & Music Awards, the Paris Play Film Festival, the Toronto Short Film Festival, the Phoenix Shorts, and the Berlin Shorts Awards; with nominations at festivals like the Florence Film Awards, the London Movie Awards, the Montréal Independent Film Festival, and the San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival; and with official selections to three dozen more festivals around the world. 


    His recent work in theatre, journalism, and the visual arts has appeared with TAP: Centre for Creativity (2022, 2020, 2019, 2017), Purple Shorts (2018), and the Grand Theatre (2017); The Devil's Artisan (2023, 2021), The /temz/ Review (2018-2022), and Hamilton Arts & Letters (2020); and Westland Gallery (2023), the plumb (2022), Heaven Scent (2022), McIntosh Gallery (2022), Artlab Gallery (2021), and TAP Centre for Creativity (2018). 

    His newest work across genres is forthcoming with Rose Garden Press, Gordon Hill Press, Westland Gallery, the plumb, The Devil's Artisan, Baseline Press, and Astoria Pictures, a film production company he founded in 2022.

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