kevin andrew heslop

  writer.  |  filmmaker.  |  interviewer.  |  actor.  

Kevin Andrew Heslop is a polydisciplinary doofus whose debut poetry collection, the correct fury of your why is a mountain, ​appeared with Gordon Hill Press in 2021 and whose work as a poet, filmmaker, curator, actor, playwright, and journalist has appeared or is forthcoming, respectively, with Knife | Fork | Book (2023), Baseline Press (2023), Guernica Editions (2022), Collusion Books (2021), The Fiddlehead (2020), Anstruther Press (2020), and Frog Hollow Press (2019); Astoria Pictures (2022-), the plumb (2022), the Toronto Short Film Festival (2022), the Los Angeles International Film Festival (2022), the Milan Gold Awards (2022), and the Paris Play International Film Festival (2022); Westland Gallery (2023), the plumb (2022), Heaven Scent (2022), and McIntosh Gallery (2022); TAP: Centre for Creativity (2019), The Grand Theatre (McManus Stage, 2017), Purple Shorts (2018), and TAP Centre for Creativity (2017); TAP Centre for Creativity (2022); and The Devil's Artisan (2021), Hamilton Arts and Letters (2020), and The /tƐmz/ Review (2018-), for which Kevin currently serves as Poetry Editor, Film Editor, and Resident Interviewer. A Buddhist of English and Danish descent, his practice is located just southwest of where Deshkan Ziibi antlers unceded through London Township Treaty (1796) territory.